zhen123's Journal

I am an unnaturally transient, and freakishly empathetic 23 year old who makes mistakes all the time, and probably has the worst case of undiagnosed ADD ever. I love witty banter, and heartwrenching angst. I love realistic situations-especially fantastical situations done realistically. I avoid negative confrontations at all costs in real life, and use a sunshiny personality to ward off any such undesired occurences--this is a result of suffering from frequent l'esprit de l'escalier, which renders me gut-wrenched for hours, perhaps days, knowing with utmost certainty that, had I a moment to think, I coulda verbally kicked ass like a sneaky ninja. Alas, I am forced to live vicariously through films, books, Tv, and theatre, when it comes to snarky comebacks. I am jaw-droppingly impressed by writers who can create funny dialogue! It is something I constantly must work on, because it is a difficulty for me.